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Boxingweb Have you ever considered that one of the greatest teachers in your life is grace?

I am not talking about a woman named "Grace". I am talking of God’s grace. When Paul wrote to his young protege, Titus, he told him that God’s grace had appeared to every man as a teacher. The word means "to teach, to train, to discipline."The result of that teaching is that we learn to live godly lives and avoid lust in the here and now (Titus 2:11).

So, grace is a teacher and the aim of the grace lessons we are taught is to live the way God wants us to live while learning to turn away from the ungodly and lustful desires that arise within us. We learn to live more disciplined lives. And God will release grace to discipline us–to train us.

Therefore, it should not surprise us when we navigate through seasons of our life when we are intensely confronted by unbridled passions, wrong desires, and ungodly thoughts that God requires us to finally face them. I do believe the way we face them is optional. If we are pliable and listening, it will go much easier with us. If we are stubborn and cling to our old patterns of dealing with things, then the heat turns up. Yes, our choices can affect the way the teacher will teach the class on a certain subject.

When we are thrown into the ring with the ungodly monsters who lurk in the shadows of our lives just waiting for an opportunity to rule us, it can get very bloody and messy. Why doesn’t the teacher stop the fight? Maybe, just maybe, the fight is part of the lesson…

-being in the ring and pummeled by your soul’s ungodliness can remind you of your wickedness and weakness in every area that Christ does not rule.
-a fight for your life can also bring to the surface what really matters to you when things are reduced to the very basics of life.
-tumbling on the canvas struggling with your soul can also flip-flop your attitude toward the teacher. You start remembering what the teacher said. You realize that is why the teacher said "such and such" and did ‘such and such".  Verses flood your mind. Dreams you had now begin to gain light and make sense. Words that loving friends tried to share with you also confront you.
-Inside the ropes with the enemy one on one, you get a glimpse of just how evil and ugly he is. His charm is gone. What he promised means nothing now. The deception is broken off your mind as you smell his stinking breath and struggle against his slimy sweat. He is grotesque, ugly, vile, and mean. Though he had operated in the unseen, now you can see him for what and who he really is. You not only lose the desire to listen to him, but you rally your heart to defeat him at all costs. Another thing that happens in the ring when it all comes down is that the audience loses its appeal to you. The proud bouncing around you did as you expected to show the crowd how it is done, vaporizes. When you are gasping to breathe, and your heart is pounding on the inside while the enemy pounds you on the outside, you really don’t give a rip about what the crowd is saying. The charm of being their champion is gone. They have seen your weakness. You are exposed. You realize they will look for another champion. You just want to survive and learn the lessons of the defeat in the ring.

Yeah, grace is a teacher. In all the struggles of the season of the great fight, grace is there teaching, just waiting for us to listen and apply. I am just sorry that often grace has to allow my own soul to be subdued so that I will start hearing again.

When the fight is over, grace shifts the mode of teaching. When the crowd is roaring, booing, and talking about the great defeat, grace comes to the center of the ring where you have been knocked out and begins to provide what you need to get back on your feet.

Grace lays out the recovery plan….

-You don’t need to fight for a while.
-You don’t need to do any interviews.
-You don’t need press conferences.
-You need to rest.
-Get your mind back in right order.
-Let your emotions be healed.
-Let you body rejuvenate.
-Do not try to train anyone else till your back on your feet.
-Let others help you and take care of you.

You also realize that the nature of things is for people to want a winner to cheer for. When it is no longer you, then it will be someone else. You realize like never before the kind of people that grace uses to help you when you have been knocked out. You grow to appreciate those who are still in your corner after you lost the title fight. You recognize people you never noticed before because they are there when you are down wanting to help you up.

You also feel like never before when someone else gets the stuffing beat out of them. Whether or not it was their fault. You realize the power of forgiveness as people forgive you for doing what you knew better to do. They know you knew better than to fight with your guard down. They know you did not train sufficiently before the fight. They forgive you for thinking you were ready when you weren’t.

The day will come when you will begin to train again. There will be another fight on the horizon. Grace will prepare you for the next bout. The difference is, this time, you are much more eager to hear what Grace has to say as well the folks who were there with you after the ten count. The result of each fight is we have a deeper appreciation for our trainer, Grace and we live more godly lives.

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