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Yesterday I attended a memorial service for the mother of a good friend of mine. The minister began the service with a scripture reference to the death of John the Baptist. He was very brief in dealing with the passage but it was very meaningful. He shared that when John the Baptist had been put to death, there were three responses recorded in Scripture in relation to how his friends responded. (Mark 6 and others)

  1. They came…
  2. The took care of his body for burial…
  3. The went and told Jesus…

The minister then talked about the three responses and related them to what we should do when someone dies. It was very good. Let me give you just a snippet for each to give you a better picture of what he shared. Doubtless, you are often called upon to give a word to a family or group of friends who are having to deal with the death of someone they love.

  • They came—-is the simple gift of presence. Being there when someone is hurting.
  • Burial—–Doing all that can be done to honor the person who died. Caring for the body is a demonstration of respect and recognition of the value of their life.
  • Tell Jesus….Of course, Jesus already knows, but talking to Jesus is so important because he understands and he can help.

One other thing that really stuck with me about the service yesterday, was the final word and way the minister encouraged everyone who was there. He said, "Let me conclude by sharing with you five of the most powerful words you could hear right now." That will get your attention. He then talked about the occasion when Moses had died and the Lord gave a word to Joshua and the rest of Israel to encourage them to face the future. The five words were "I will be with you!" Isn’ t that a powerful and helpful way to end a funeral service?



PS  If you have a brief funeral message outline you think would help other ministers in ministering to those grieving, please visit our our forum and post it there. I will set up a new posting just for funeral sermons and this will help all of us.


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  1. MERINDA H. EASLEY says:



  2. kiel says:

    Thanks for sharing. Gave me a great starting point for a funeral service I am performing tomorrow.  Second one in a week.  

  3. Roy Sparks says:

    Hi Eddie!
    I am writing you  to see what books of Funeral Messages or Sermons you would recommmend!  Thanks for sharing, I greatly appreciate your help.  God bless you, my friend!
    Roy Sparks

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