Four Words for the Willing Witness — sermon


Colossians 4:5 Walk in wisdom toward those who are outside, redeeming the time. (NKJV)

1. A Walk  (Walk)
This is a command from Scripture. It is in the imperative mode. It refers to the way we live our lives. Our lives influence the people around us. As someone once said, "Be a witness to people and if necessary, use words." Jesus called it "letting your light shine." It speaks of the degree of the presence of God that people around us can sense that is in our lives.

2. A Wisdom (in wisdom)
The general understanding of the word "Sophia" (Greek) which is translated wisdom is
skill, tact, expertise in any art. (The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament © 1992 by AMG International, Inc. Revised Edition, 1993)

In this context it refers to the wisdom of God the Holy Spirit gives us to live in a way that reaches people for Christ.

A. Skill — The Holy Spirit is the Master of knowing what you need to do to reach someone.
B. Tact — There is a definite tactical way to touch lives. Pray for the Divine strategy to reach the people you know.
C. Expertise — No one knows what the key to a person’s heart is like the Holy Spirit. He is the resident expert who lives in you.

3. A Witness (toward those who are outside)
A.T. Robertson says the phrase is a Pauline phrase that means those outside the church. The Church today must "rediscover" the art of seeing people who are outside the church. This is why we are here, to reach the unreached.

4. A Watching (redeeming the time)
The word time comes from the Greek word Kairos which has the idea of an opportunity that is available. Zohiates says the expression "redeeming the time"  generally means to buy up, to buy all that is anywhere to be bought, and not to allow the suitable moment to pass by unheeded but to make it one’s own."
(The Complete Word Study Dictionary: New Testament © 1992 by AMG International, Inc. Revised Edition, 1993)

So the believer should be constantly watching for opportunites for the Holy Spirit to use them to touch someone for Christ.

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  1. Great sermons indeed. I love them.
    I’m and evangelical
    Would you send me your statement of faith. I would like to know you deeper than this.

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