Four Reasons to Pray -Sermon Outline


Four Reasons to Pray
by Eddie Lawrence

The following is a simple topical sermon I put together that will be a blessing to people. You will need to add

selected Bible verses or use a foundation text like Jesus statement– Men ought always to pray and not to faint.
You should pray because of:
1.How it will affect your own life

-Your health–research has proven that prayer encourages healing
-Your marriage-another study demonstrated couples who prayed together everyday, the divorce rate went from 50% to one in 1200.
-Your mouth–praying before you answer or sent a letter, etc. will save you lots of trouble.
-Your Finances–Declaring God's promises over your finances is helpful.
-Wisdom–many times answers to your problems come when you pray
Many more areas–You can list others here.
You should pray because of:
2.How it will affect other people's lives
-Think of answers to prayer in your own congregation where people have recovered from sickness, gone through loss, got that job, etc. Tastefully and respectfully share some of these personal testimonies.
-The whole role of interceding for the lost
-Praying for those in authority
-Soldiers on the battlefield (lots of good stories on this one too)

You should pray because of:
3.How it will affect the natural realm

-The Farmers fields
-Lost things

There are many stories of these kinds of answers to prayer. Do a google search on "Praying for Rain" or something similar.

You should pray because of:
4.How it will affect the spiritual realm
-Times in the Bible when angels were sent in answer to assist people in answer to prayer (Daniel in the Lion's Den, Daniel's 21 days, Peter in Prison, etc.)
-Think of out it affects the Devil and his angels.

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