Four Anchor Areas for a Strong and Stable Life


Four Anchor Areas For A Strong and Stable Life

by Eddie Lawrence

It is easy to be sidetracked from the anchor attitudes and actions that are so important in our Christian lives. So by way of encouragement and reminder, how are you doing in regard to the following four areas?

(You can add many various Scripture references and illustrations to create a neat topical sermon.)

1. Faithfulness

Are you being faithful to God? ( time, talent, treasure)

Are you being faithful to your family?

Are you being faithful to your local church?

Are you being faithful to your employer?

If God had the same level of faithfulness toward you that you have toward Him, how different would your life be?

2. Worship

Are you bringing a worshipping heart into all you do?

Are you praising God for His goodness throughout the day?

Are you spending time talking and listening to God?

Are you reading His Word?

When is the last time you have closed the door and just poured your heart out in worship to God while you were alone and away from everyone else?

3. Love

Are you demonstrating an attitude and heart of love in all you do?

Is love a highly valued stock in the portfolio of your soul?

Are you allowing love and forgiveness to keep envy, resentment, and bitterness out of your soul?

What is the last thing you have sacrificed due to love?

Do people see Jesus through your love?

4. Gratitude

Do you live a thankful life?

Are you standing against the temptation to complain?

When is the last time you had a praise party just to thank God for all He does for you?

Do you let others know how grateful you are for them?

Conclusion: There are so many other words that could be anchors for us to live stable and strong Christian lives, these are four important ones. May Jesus shine through us all!

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