Follow Me!


Follow Me!
by Eddie Lawrence

Matthew 4:19 Then He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.” (NKJV)

Have you ever thought about the power of these words of Jesus? Upon hearing them, his disciples walked away from everything else to follow him. Their hearts were arrested by who he was. What he said, was an invitation to learn more of who he was. Let's look at what he said.

1. “Me” is the operative word.
   -Here it is defined who we are to follow. The mandate is clear. We are to follow Christ.
   -This a prohibition against following anything or anyone else. Those who lead us should be following Christ. Therefore the    
     march is an unbroken cadence toward our King Christ Jesus.
   -There will be failures among human leaders. Where did all the disciples go who had committed to following Christ when he      was being crucified. To John's credit, he alone remained. When we follow Christ and he restores, then we see them as  
   -Following Christ will lead you to the cross
   -Following Christ will be an endless adventure of knowing and not knowing!

2. “Make” denotes the process.

   -Jesus told these guys up front I am going to enroll you in a process with a result in mind. As a coach has a purpose in all the
    training he lays out for his players, so the Lord, our Coach, has a purpose in all that we go through. Even the things he does not
    initiate he will use toward his goal for us.
   -We all need to realize that we all are in a process. God is making something out of us. He has a purpose in all we go through.

3. “Men” are what Jesus is after.

   -Jesus loves people. The process that he takes us through will result in our having his heart for broken people.
   -We should not reduce what he says about making us fishers of men to a simple evangelistic strategy that he has employed. 
   This is far too impersonal, programmatic, and results oriented. He is saying, I came to show the Father's heart of love for people
   and if you will follow me, you will experience a transforming process that will result in you having the same heart. A heart of
   redemption for people who are bruised and broken sinners. How do we know when we are gaining His heart? What is your
   reaction when someone is cold toward your efforts to share Christ with them? Do you pat yourself on the back because you
   fulfilled a mandate, or do you find yourself weeping for that person who has yet to know how much they are loved? It is not about
   our fulfilling a program, it is about people!

Conclusion–The proof is in the pudding. These disciples followed him to their very deaths. They exhibited his heart toward lost people. They were willing to begin a revolution that changed most of what they had been taught about God. The result was they made a big catch of men. Their lives are still impacting us today.

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  1. thamburaj. says:

    The message is very simple,but toching my heart.

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