Father’s Day Sermon



1 Peter 1:3 Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who according to His abundant mercy has begotten us again to a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, 4 to an inheritance incorruptible and undefiled and that does not fade away, reserved in heaven for you, 5 who are kept by the power of God through faith for salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

In this message, we will look at what Peter wrote as he blessed His his Heavenly Father and apply that as well as a tribute and a challenge to our earthly Fathers.



-If God who is perfect is willing to extend mercy to us, how much more should earthly father's who need mercy be willing to extend it to their children.

ILLUS– (Share an example of a time you or someone you know were given mercy when it could have been really bad)


-"begotten us again"  Regardless of a person's relationship with their father, they can be thankful for being begotten by them.
-We should also be grateful for the things a father does to lead their child to experience the new birth

ILLUS–(Give a personal snapshot of what it was like to see your child for the first time. If you do not have children, then share what it was like for a father you witnessed in their first days with their child)


WORD STUDY–Peter is fond of the word "living" (present active participle of \za“\) as in
1:23; 2:4,5,24; 4:5,6. The Pharisees cherished the hope of the
resurrection (Ac 23:6), but the resurrection of Jesus gave it
proof and permanence (1Co 15:14,17). It is no longer a dead
hope like dead faith (Jas 2:17,26). This revival of hope was
wrought "by the resurrection of Jesus Christ" (\dia anastase“s\).
Hope rose up with Christ from the dead,…(A.T. Robertson's Word Pictures)

-Heavenly Father had in His heart a desire to see His children living with a life and meaningful hope
-There is such power in the words of a father spoken to a child. It means so much when words of promise and hope are exchanged from a father's heart to their children's hearts. This is part of giving a generational blessing to our children. Speak over them the promises of God.

ILLUS–(Think of a time when you have witnessed the power of hope given to someone who was really facing huge obstacles and how it affected them OR maybe there was a time when your father gave you a word of promise that you lived for.)


-Just as God the Father raised Jesus from the dead. There will be times when a Father reaches down to his child and helps them experience a second chance. Giving children the ability to fail but get up and go again is key to living a successful life. The resurrection truth gives us all the assurance that in no way will we be ultimately defeated.

ILLUS-(This is a great place for that story of the time when you thought it was all over and got your miracle.)

-an inheritance of treasure (it is not the amount here but the heart of wanting one's children to have all that you have. This is a blessing financially.)
-an inheritance of truth (This is a blessings spiritually, morally, and ethically) To see one's children in heaven for eternity is the greatest blessing you could give them.
-an inheritance of tradition (This is a blessing memorially to carry on the blessings that were received in previous generations)

ILLUS–(Choose one of the above and give an example in your own life–a family tradition that uniquely identifies your family, some treasure that is very meaningful you have received from a loved one, or how a family member's faith has influenced your own.)


-The word Peter uses "kept" is a word that means to guard and protect. Heavenly Father with all HIs power watches over us. A good father protects his children from those things that will corrupt and destroy.

WORD STUDY–1:5 {By the power of God} (\en dunamei theou\). No other
\dunamis\ (power) like this (Col 1:3). {Are guarded}
(\phrouroumenous\). Present (continuous process) passive
articular (\tous\) participle of \phroure“\, to garrison, old
verb (from \phrouros\ sentinel), a military term (Ac 9:24; 2Co
11:32), used of God's love (Php 4:7) as here. "The inheritance
is kept; the heirs are guarded" (Bengel). {Through faith} (\dia
piste“s\). Intermediate agency (\dia\), the immediate being
(\en\, in, by) God's power. (A.T. Robertson's Word Pictures)

ILLUS– We all have fears. In what way growing up did your father rescue you from fear?

CONCLUSION — Just as Peter begins the above passage by saying "Blessed be the God and Father…", let us now speak blessing over our fathers.
Honor the father's present, but also acknowledge those present who did not have a good relationship with their father and encourage them that a loving Heavenly Father is present to love them and give them all these things.

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