Father’s Day Illustration


Fathers Day IllustrationThe Father's Day Sermon Illustration below is a good one to use as an introduction to your sermon to illustrate how we have a growing appreciation of our Father as we grow older.





The musings of a child through the years:
4 years old: my Dad can do anything
7 years old: my Dad knows a lot, a whole lot
9 years old: my dad doesn’t know quite everything
12 years old: Oh well, naturally Dad does not know that either
14 years old: my Dad is so out of step with reality
20 years old: my Dad is so hopelessly old-fashioned
25 years old: Dad knows a little about it, but not much
30 years old: I may ask what Dad thinks about it
35 years old: Before we decide, let’s get Dad’s opinion
45 years old: I wonder what Dad will think about this
55 years old: my Dad knows something about literally everything
65 years old: I wish I could talk it over with Dad just once more.

Source: Unknown

May you have a great Father's Day this year!

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