Experiencing the Joy



by Eddie Lawrence

Some people see God as stoic and sour, but when you examine the life of Jesus you discover someone who attracted sinners. They enjoyed being with him. Certainly what they encountered was different that the always serious and stern portrait of God that religion so often paints. Below I have listed 9 statements about joy and laughter that I hope will encourage you to realize you were created to not only pray but to play. Yes, you can have a good clean celebratory life and it makes Jesus smile.

1. God made you to experience joy.
If it is an attribute the Holy Spirit produces in us now, then we are simply being restored to what we were always intended to experience.
2. Laughter is one of the expressions of joy.
It is the emotional manifestation of the feeling of the heart. Eccl. tells us that there is a time to laugh…..
3. Laughter is good for you.
It is like a medicine Proverbs says. Something related to goodness and wellness happens in your physical body when you experience a good laugh. Science also documents this strongly as well. This is just another reason we all love to watch the ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW.
4. There is joy in Heaven.
Luke 15 tells us the angels rejoice when a sinner is saved. Is this the atmosphere you associate with God when you think of Him. One where He is lives in an environment of joy.
5. There is power in joy.
Nehemiah 8 says, the Joy of the Lord is my strength. As mentioned earlier, we are benefited greatly by a good laugh. People can even be healed through having a good daily laugh.
6. There is a holy joy and laughter
Joy  is a fruit of the Holy Spirit so there is a holy joy and the laughter that proceeds out of this holy joy is holy laughter. Why would laughing be less holy than talking.
7. Joy is a throneroom activity
In His presence there is fullness of joy the Psalmist writes. Also, remember the picture of God Jesus gave us in Luke 15 of the Father who threw a party and told everyone to make merry because his son was home. Yes, God loves to throw great parties to celebrate the joy of a child coming home, and so should we.
9. Joy is a kingdom activity.
The early church was often seen rejoicing and even commanded to do us. Paul wrote in Philippians 4 that we are to rejoice in the Lord always! Let’s all commit to creating a culture in our churches where there is much joy and gladness because that is what takes place in Heaven and we are to pray the kingdom prayer that the will of God be done on earth as it is in Heaven. Amen!

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