Eight Truths About the Anointing — sermon outline


Eight Truths About the Anointing
by Eddie Lawrence

Acts 10:38 how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Spirit and with power, who went about doing good and healing all who were oppressed by the devil, for God was with Him.(NKJV)

In looking at Acts 10:38 as Peter ministers to Cornelius and his household, we see how the Anointing operated in Jesus while he walked the Earth. We also can apply these truths to how the Anointing works in Christ’s body (believers) in the Earth today. Following are eight truths with the part of the verse they originate. Add your own thoughts and comments and enjoy teaching them to others.

1. It is God who Anoints
"how God anointed"
-Men may appoint you but only God can anoint you.
-No man can receive anything except be given from above.

2. It is his human children whom He Anoints

"Jesus of Nazareth" This is the designation that points to Jesus’ humanity.
-People are anointed by God to continue the message of Jesus to humanity.

3. He Anoints with the Holy Spirit

"with the Holy Spirit"
-The Holy Spirit covers, comes upon, endues, seals, and fills believers.
-Regardless of the order people debate these things happen, the exciting thing is that they do happen and they happen as a result of God’s goodness to us.

4. He Anoints with Power
"and with power"
-God’s power through man’s weakness. Wow!
-We need power to do the things that have to be done to overcome Satan.
-There is a release of power available to us to do God’s will in ministering to other people.
-It is awesome to realize that God makes this availble to us.

5. The Anointing Enables People to Do Good
"who went about doing good"
-To do good we need the help of the One Who is Good!
-Jesus went about doing good! Do we?
-List some of the good things that Jesus did…

6. The Anointing Enables People to Bring Healing and Wholeness to Others
"and healing"
-The anointing can cause shattered lives to become whole.
-Healing is the restoration of what living in a cursed world has stolen.
-Healing of the body.
-Helaing of the mind.
-Healing of the Soul
-Healing spiritually and ultimately.

7. The Anointing Frees People from the Devil’s Oppression

"all who were oppressed by the devil"
-Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil.
-Oppression is a "pressure that opposes" what is good and right and holy.
-The anointing breaks the yoke and lifts the burden off people.

8. The Anointing is Evidence that God is with You.
"for God was with Him."
-When people are made whole through the ministry of the Holy Spirit it is evidence that God is near.
-We should constantly rejoice that God is with us!
-How much evidence is there that God is with us? This is testimony of how much anointing is operating in our lives.

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