Do You Dread Tomorrow — Devotional



Dread is only one letter away from DEAD!

Dread is a fear that the future will be worse than the present experience.

It is covered with Murphy’s Law thinking. If anything can go wrong — it will! I want to challenge you to be honest about any dread in your heart. It is a sign that your vision is blurred. You are not seeing all there is to see.

I know about dread. It shows up when we mess up. It shows up when someone we love messes up. It shows up when life gets messy.

Like a housewife buried underneath a mountain of laundry that grows larger by the day, dread taunts us that we will never make it. Let’s explore the discouraging voice of dread further…

It says,

"You might as well quit!"

"Why even try?"

"You’ll never make it!"

It’s downhill from here!"

"You’re a loser or you wouldn’t be in this mess!"

On and on the taunting goes. The torment grows. The inner pain increases. The depression thickens. The voice grows louder. It becomes constant, intense, unrelenting… UNTIL…

You submit completely to it and check out. Some people check out emotionally. Uninvolved. Hermit City. Cave Dweller. Just the thought of interacting with life is immobilizing.

Some people check out through living a secret life. A life that seems separate from reality. A place where there is no pain. To get there, it is necessary to get a little help. A few drinks too many. A little white pill. A pornographic internet portal. An affair. The TV world with its many options to ride the emotional experiences and adventures of fictitious characters living scripted miraculous lives.

Even more sadly, some people check out all together. Suicide seems to be the answer. Self-induBigstockphoto_helping_hands_1698219ced death. It’s sad that the thought of living is more painful than the fear of dying. But the dread-filled mind is the breeding ground for this thinking. When a person looks at tomorrow and all they see staring back at them is the prospect of deeper hurt and pain, then DREAD can quickly change to DEAD.

So much for the failure rate of dread. What’s the answer when you’re struggling with dread? For me and for you the answer is GRACE. The Lord promises to give grace to us in our time of need. He reminds us that He is our High Priest and He knows our weaknesses, all our hurt, all our pain. We are open and naked before Him (Hebrews 4:12-16).

What a heart God has for you. He looks down and sees all your hurt and pain. He does not discard you because you are struggling. He says, "I’m cheering for you. Come to my throne room. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to come. Come with confidence. When you do–I’ll be merciful to you. I’ll give you some grace to help you out. Looks like you need it. I got plenty of it. Come and get it. Let me help!"

The enemy of our souls does not want us to get this grace. GRACE is a DREAD-BUSTER! Simple answer–When you are dreading tomorrow, run to Daddy God and get some grace. Let Him love on you. Crawl into His loving arms knowing He understands your pain.

Ah yes! Grace is so good! It gives me what I need to live today without the worry of tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow will come, but–I’ll be there to take it own because I have been given the grace I need to make it through today.

May all your dread disappear under the power of the grace of God.

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  1. Victoria says:

    I live in dread of tomorrow every day. I go to God with a lot of my problems but I never thought that this was something he could fix. I'm 15 and I dread everything that the next day brings! This sermon helped me so much! It helped me relize God is there, even for the little things! Thank you

  2. Staff says:

    Thanks Victoria. Blessings to you. You are valuable and your tomorrows are filled with promise. I encourage you to also check out my wife;s blog at There you will find a lot of encouraging info as well.

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