Damaged Goods People — Devotional


We always expect to pay less for merchandise that is labeled "damaged goods."

The damage can occur in a lot of ways.

Shipping issues.
Road damage.
Mess up on the assembly line.
Faulty materials.

If you are willing to settle for less than perfect, then a bargain awaits you. Not everyone wants damaged goods, therefore finding someone who will settle for the damaged article is the goal. Lower the price, find the person willing to live with the blemish and things are not a total loss.

Unfortunately, we tend to do this with people as well.

A lot of people were mishandled as children. Some have been shipped and bounced around till they have no roots. Some have road damage. Some experienced things during the formative years that scarred them. Some struggle with inherited traits. Damaged goods people! Whether self-imposed or mishandled by others, damaged goods people are not in high demand by the church culture at large.

Growing a church is easier with people who have their act together, right? Stable people with their heads on straight. Got-it-together folks who cause little trouble and are high-giver, low-maintenance. Hmmh! Smells a little fishy when compared to scripture. As a matter of fact, it outright stinks. Why? Because it is all a facade. Consider the biblical truth:

  • We are all completely unacceptable and damaged goods apart from the grace and mercy of God. This one truth levels the line up when we stand before God to be judged.
  • When God came as a man, He came seeking the people who were not on the religious institution of the day's call list. Jesus was harshly judged by his religious contemporaries for hanging out with damaged goods people. He was targeted for murder because he dared give sinners hope that God would accept them.
  • God's price tag on damaged goods people shouts to us. He paid the price of the blood of His own dear Son in order to redeem damaged goods people.
  • The last thing I will put in this list that could go on for a while is that the only people God will truly accept are people who realize that they are damaged goods people. Any other mentality is evidence of self-righteous reliance.

Isn't it something? We tend to shun damaged goods people. God looks for them and is happy to see them showing up. We tend to purposely build systems that leave them out. The greatest plan ever carried out was a plan to rescue damaged goods people. We tend to separate ourselves from them; God in His infinite grace and mercy wants to take up residence within them.

Of course, when God invades the life of the damaged goods person, He begins a transformation that results in a new creation. Somehow though, we must refuse to forget who we were before grace came or we will become a hindrance to the multitudes who have yet to experience it. Such blindness will not allow us to see the kingdom of God and will ultimately anesthetize us to fall asleep at the helm while people drown all around us. We may be comfortable surrounded by folks who are "just" like us but we need not fool ourselves that we are pleasing God. Unwanted, messed up, damaged goods people still top God's most wanted list. If you doubt it, think about the premium price He willingly pays.

We all need God's grace for every breath we breathe. He willingly gives it to us as we humble ourselves before Him with a repentant and worshipping heart. When we realize the perfection of Jesus Christ and receive the truth that Father God allows the perfection of His Son to be given to us through His grace, we cannot help but fall in a heap at His beautiful feet.

God forgive me and forgive us damaged goods people for the times we turn from grace to ANYTHING ELSE!

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