Christmas Sermon or Series of Sermons



Three Announcements

We often think of the announcements as a boring time. Not so when God starts trying to get our attention that something is about to change and shift. I believe that God still makes announcements to us when He is about to do something if we will only listen. Think of the ways He announced the greatest shift in history.

The following three items can be separate messages or one sermon. For a series, you could use them separately the three Sundays before Christmas. This would be a series that would help people see the totality of Jesus coming. The same is true if you wanted to use it in a single message. I will include some thoughts under each point for you to consider:

1. The Holy Spirit Announcing Jesus Coming
-In the Garden of Eden
-Through the Old Testament Prophets
-Through Mary
-Through Joseph
-Through Martha

God will often disturb you when He is beginning to do something new in your life. Maybe through a dream or the prompting of the Holy Spirit or something you hear in a sermon, or from a friend. We need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's direction in our lives. The Bible says that God's children are led by the Holy Spirit. The Bible is our roadmap and the Holy Spirit is our guide.

2. The Angels Announcing Jesus Arrival

-Appearance to Mary
-Appearance to the Shepherds

These wonderful unseen servants of God still attend to us and carry out God's purposes in the realm of Earth. We should not worship them but we should be thankful for their ministry. Think of the many ways they strengthened and helped the Saints in the Bible. They are still here to help us as well. We have an unseen support force working on our behalf to carry out the plans of God. Aren't we blessed? Think of it. The same angels who were there rejoicing at Jesus birth or here today ready to rejoice at someone's new birth. This is part of their ministry.

3. The Father Announcing Jesus Ministry

-At his baptism
-At the transfiguration
The Father wants us all to know of his love and pleasure in us as we are in Christ.
We all need the affirmation of God in our heart as Father. The affirmation that we are loved and we bring God pleasure.
We must abandon a wrong view of God that sees Him as an angry Father. NO! He is the loving compassionate father or Luke 15 that runs toward the repentant sinner and cares about the hurting. He loves you and is ready to equip you for your ministry as well.
The revelation that God loves us and finds pleasure in us is what we will need to cling to when all Hell tries to make us doubt.

There are other examples you can certainly add to the list above.

The thrust of all of this to show that Heaven does communicate with us concerning the plans and purposes of God. Father wants to reveal His heart to us. We need to be sensitive to the ministry of these often unseen witnesses–the Holy Spirit, the Angels, and the Voice of the Father.

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