Bumping Into the Holy Spirit


The Bible teaches us a whole lot about the Holy Spirit. Here is the line of thinking for this sermon idea.

  • The Holy Spirit leads us
  • There are times when we bump into Him
  • Sometimes it is when He is working through someone else and we get in on it. Without warning we are confronted by the activity of the Holy Spirit. This happened to the woman at the well when she met Jesus. The Holy Spirit was at work in his life and she got in on it.
  • Most often when we bump into Him it is because we have turned and start going in a direction we think is the Holy Spirit and it is not. At these times, he will sort of bump into us to redirect us. Remember the time Paul was forbidden by the Holy Spirit to enter a certain place? What do you think that looked like? How was Paul able to sense it? I believe there was an internal resistance that arose, a check in his spirit. It's similar to walking through a crowd and bumping into someone because you are not paying enough attention.
  • At other times, we bump into the Holy Spirit because we choose to turn away in the wrong direction. We have all experienced such times when the Holy Spirit convicts and confronts us.

These are just a few ideas couched around the idea of Bumping into the Holy Spirit! Some illustrations:

  1. Bumping your toe on the corner of the bed in the middle of the night. The bed is in the right place, your toe just showed up at the wrong place because you were walking in the dark. (pretty neat illus huh?)
  2. A quarterback sneak at the goal line. The whole backfield run up and push him into the endzone. We do all we can do and the Holy Spirit will give us the bump we need to cross over….
  3. Walking down a busy hallway and remember you need to go back and get something. You spin around and slam into the person behind you.
  4. Doing a u-turn in the road and get broadsided by the traffic behind you….

Questions to apply:

  • What should be do when we feel bumped by the Holy Spirit?
  • When can this happen?
  • Where can this happen?
  • How could you explain how you know when it happens to someone?
  • What scriptures illustrate this?
  • What bible story most illustrates this to you personally?
  • How could you use that story to teach this lesson?



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