A Prayer for Haiti


A Prayer for Haiti
by Eddie Lawrence

Dear Father in Heaven,

-We glorify you as Great and All Powerful God. We know you are not surprised by any of the events on Earth. We also know that your heart is always directed toward those who suffer.

-Oh God, hear the cries of those who suffer in Haiti. Draw near to them and draw them near to you. Grant strength, courage, power, peace, and hope to them.

-Yes, Oh God, as the God of all hope, call for hope to arise in the hearts of those in Haiti. May they know of your nearness to them in this hour.

-We ask that you release the comfort of your Holy Spirit into the hearts and spirits of those that suffer in Haiti. Give strength and hope to those who hurt and grieve.

-We ask you to pour your love out on the Haitian Isle from coast to coast. May the Presence of You be strong among the people that live there and the people who arrive there.

-We ask you to grant wisdom to relief workers in Haiti that they may know the best strategy of how to connect arriving resources with the human needs. In their tiredness give them supernaturally imparted strength to persevere.

-We ask that you would grant strength and courage to rescue workers as they dig, move, listen and risk their lives to save another life.

-We ask you to help those who are raising support to keep the supplies, aid, and help coming toward Haiti. Give them understanding of how to approach, how to ask, how to meet the massive needs by appealing to unseen givers.

-We ask for your healing virtue to flow to people through the hands of medical personell and emergency care givers on the scene. We petition You to show your grace of healing that triumphs pain and human suffering.

-We ask that you would release peace and harmony between the thousands called to Haiti to help. May there be an unseen grace that unites their hearts and mulitplies their efforts.

-We ask you Dear God to transform the chaos into peace, bring up from the rubble a new Haiti filled with awe and wonder reflecting your glory.

-May the world in which we all live, be brought together into your heart as we too hear the cries of the afflicted. May we all experience the change that comes when love meets hurts and help meets need.

-Dear Father in Heaven, help each of us to pray as we ought for Haiti, to give as we ought for Haiti, and to ask you to give us your heart for Haiti. May you move our hearts beyond sympathy to a place of engaging and action. Help our works to follow our words. Help our tears to be followed by our sweat. Help our viewing to be followed by a working vision to help build a new Haiti.

-May Jesus shine brightly during this dark hour. May He, the One Who suffered for us, now once again, bring mercy, peace, and grace to those who suffer.

-Be glorified our Father in this tragedy now and in all things forever more! In Jesus Name, Amen!

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