A Mule and A Man


Here’s an unusual approach to the familiar story in the Book of Numbers about Baalam and his donkey. It is a two point message divided in the following way:

1. A Mule Headed Man
(Here you can focus on Balaam’s stubbornness. What the Bible says about stubbornness… How to know when we are being stubborn…. Why we choose to be stubborn…. The consequences of stubborness, etc.)

2. A Man Headed Mule
(This point will allow you to talk about the patience, love, and power of God and the lengths He goes to in order to get us to stop when we should stop and moving in the direction we need to go. God can reveal Himself in a variety of ways. His goal is to get through to us with His message.)

Illus–Do you remember Mr. Ed the talking horse who had his own sitcom years ago. This could be a good lead in to the message.

One liner — “When a mule talks, it behooves us to listen!”

Surely you have a few mule jokes you could throw in as well. Your folks will get a kick out of it (pun intended) as well as learning about a serious issue. Blessings!

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