A Great Joy in Heaven – sermon


The following sermon outline is a portion of a larger sermon by the well known and loved Puritan preacher, Thomas Watson. It is an excerpt out his sermon entitled, The Death of the Righteous.

A Great Joy in Heaven (a retitled excerpt)
by Thomas Watson  (Taken from sermon, The Death of the Righteous)

The enjoyment of God implies our SEEING him. "We shall see him as he is." How shall we see God?

1. We shall see him INTELLECTUALLY, with the eyes of the mind

This divines call the beatific vision. We shall have a full knowledge of God—though not know him fully. This sight of God will be very glorious—as when a king, on his coronation-day, shows himself in all his royalty and magnificence.

2. We shall PHYSICALLY behold the glorified body of Jesus Christ.

And if it is a pleasant thing to behold the sun, how blessed a sight will it be to behold the Sun of Righteousness! to see Christ clothed in our human nature, sitting in glory above the angels! Solomon says that, "the eye is never satisfied with seeing." But surely the eyes of saints will be satisfied, with seeing that orient brightness which shall shine from the beautiful body of Christ! It must needs be satisfying, because through Christ's flesh, some rays and beams of the Godhead will gloriously display themselves! God's excellent majesty would overwhelm us; but through the veil of Christ's flesh we shall behold the divine glory!

3. Our seeing God will be TRANSFORMING.

We shall so see him, as to be in some measure assimilated and changed into his image! "We shall be like him." If, Moses' face shined, when was with God on the Mount, and had but some imperfect sight of his glory—how shall the saints glorified face shine, being always in God's full presence, and having some beams of his glory put upon them! "We shall be like him!" One who is deformed may look on beauty—and not be made beautiful. But the saints shall so see God—as that sight shall transform them into his likeness. "When I awake, I shall be satisfied with your likeness." Not that the saints shall partake of God's essence; for as the iron in the fire is made fiery—yet remains iron still, so the saints, by beholding God's majesty, shall be made glorious creatures—but are creatures still.

4. Our seeing God in heaven will be without weariness.

Let a man see the rarest sight that is, he will soon be glutted; as when he comes into a garden, and sees delicious walks, fair arbors, pleasant flowers—within a little while he grows weary. But it is not so in heaven; there is no surfeit there. The saints will never be weary of seeing God; for, God being infinite—there shall every moment be new and fresh delight springing from him into their souls!


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