A Battle for the Ages — sermon outline


The following is a sermon outline by Pastor David O. Cofield. Pastor David lives in Alabama and pastors CrossRoads Baptist Church in Elgin, Alabama.

“A Battle for the Ages”


What Daniel sees in this vision will contain and fill the rest of the book of Daniel. Chapter 10:1-11:1 is the preparation for the vision; Chapter 11:2-12:3 is the contents of the vision; and Chapter 12:4-13 is the final instructions expressed in the vision.
I.  Daniel was still praying
A.  The cause of the praying
Psalm 50:15 “Call upon Me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you shall glorify me.”
*  Troubled over what God was doing. 
* Troubled over the plight of the Jews who didn’t want to leave Babylonian
* Troubled over the plight of the Jews who were back in Jerusalem.
B. The contrition in his praying
* He was mourning
* He was fasting from pleasant food.
* He was doing nothing for entrainment. 
C.             The continuation of his praying.
II.  Daniel experienced several Postures and problems
Notice in three different places, he is “touched.”
*  Verse 10 “A hand touched me, which made me tremble” 
* Verse 16 “touched my lips;”
* Verse 18 “touched me and strengthen me.”
Look at the different postures of Daniel.
Verse 8 – In a deep sleep with his face to the ground
Verse 10- He was on his knees and hands
Verse 11 – He was standing up shaking, trembling
Verse 15 – He lays on the ground speechless
III. Daniel saw some “out of this world” Pictures
A.    He saw the Lord Himself. verse 5-6
The touch was preceded by a fresh vision of Jesus.
*  He saw His preciousness
* He saw His perfection   
* He saw His preeminence
* He saw His perception
* He saw His purpose
* He heard His powerful voice – voice like multitudes – thunderous sound. J
This resulted in three things:
*  It put him on his knees in prayer
* It put him on his face in worship – verse 15 Ezekiel did the same when he saw the Lord.
* It put him on his feet in victorious strength – verses 18-19
B.   He saw and spoke with an angel.
C.   He saw and was instructed about understood Michael and what was “invisible” about spiritual warfare.



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