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by Eddie Lawrence

During my teen aged years, I had a buddy who found a therapy that seemed to help him. Whenever he became really angry about something, he would go and wear out a small boxer's punching bag he had hanging from the ceiling. There were times when he went missing and then we would hear the bang-bang-pop-pop sounds of him swinging away at his bag. Better the bag than one of our heads, right? It worked for him. It was his way of letting out the steam. It was a point of release.

I suppose most of us have coping mechanisms that we have developed to help us when we are about to trip a breaker. For me, I enjoy writing. Sometimes it's like the little valve in the top of the tea kettle. It's my way to offload what I am carrying and release what has been building inside of me.

Life has a way of presenting you with opportunities to assess where you are and what you really believe. I believe God also allows us to become pinned to the mat so that we will consider new options to the way we're choosing to live.

A few months ago, during one of my more pensive and contemplative moments I assessed if I should change some of the values I had held–especially when it comes to "church life." As a Senior Pastor, having blown a wonderful opportunity and lost a privileged place of service, I was able to assess "church life" from a different perspective. From the place of disgrace.

On that pensive morning, I typed out the following list. I encourage you to read it and think about each statement. Evaluate where you are on each one. The list is not exhaustive but represents some values that I desire by God's grace to demonstrate in my life. I'm not there but on the journey.

Life Values to Guide My Life

1. I must endeavor to truly love God personally and not confuse Him with the system or structure that 

    has been created by man to represent Him.

2. I must remember that my actions toward other people reflect my true feelings more than the words 

    I speak.

3. Sin is sin! Period! Repent when you sin.

4. I must be a giver of grace and mercy to all those who are wounded by their own choices or the 

    choices of others. Regardless of what others choose, I should choose grace.

5. I must remember that the fear of man is my nemesis. Doing what is right is not always popular or

    understood by people. Doing what is right sometimes comes at great personal expense.

6. To be forgiven, I must forgive.

7. If my priorities are not reflected in the way I daily live my life, then they are not truly my priorities.

8. Until Jesus comes we are all deceived by differing degrees. Be humble!

9. We do not serve God except we serve others. This is hard in a self-service world.

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