5 Truths to Remember in Uncertain Times — sermon outline



5 Truths to Remember in Uncertain Times 

(Alternate Title :5 Truths to Remember in 2009) by Eddie Lawrence

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Phil. 4:19  And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Paul wrote the Philippians from a Roman prison cell. Yet we find Him encouraging them to rejoice in tough times. He did not allow the circumstances he was in to bring defeat into his life. He had something he clung to and that was stronger than the bands of men that were around his feet. Listen to his declaration and it is one we all need to learn to use and use regularly to keep our heart properly aligned with our true source of strength!

1. He is the God Who is Personal 'My God"
-Paul could say He is "My God." God desires a personal relationship with each person on the planet.
-He wants us to acknowledge Him as our God. The deeper our intimacy with Him, the more secure we become in knowing we belong to Him.
-Sometimes you just need to declare "He is My God!" to yourself and to your circumstances.
-What an intoxicating thought–The God Who has all power knows me and wants me to know Him personally.

2. He is the God Who Promises "shall"
-This does not say He "might" supply our need but He "shall"
-God has the power and will to keep all His promises
-When you are staring at a need, remember to stand on a promise!
-Trade in what the News broadcast says for what God says!
-God has the power to shift the facts in your favor

3. He is the God Who Provides
"shall supply"
-It is one thing to have the power and resources to provide, but the willingness to do it, is the key.
-A billionaire may have the resources to help you in your circumstance but if he is not willing then you are still without help.
-You have access to God Who has it all, and He wants you to come to Him. He has a big willing Father's heart.

4. He is the God Who is Powerful
"all your need"
-There is not an area of legitimate need in your life that God is unable to respond to.
-He is aware of all your needs and is willing to be involved in meeting all of your needs
-When Paul wrote this verse he was in prison. Yet, he knew God knew right where he was and just what he needed.
-He knows your address and your need and has the power to meet it.
-Make the choice right now to trust God to meet your need.
-Don't assume or be blind to how God will meet it.
-Pray for the sensitivity to recognize when and how God meets your need and praise Him for it.
-Exercise your faith right now and go ahead and thank God that He is going to meet your need.

5. He is the God Who is Parent
"according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."
-Jesus came to introduce us to the Father and reconnect us to the Father.
-We have authority as children of God through the atoning work of Jesus.
-All Heaven's resources are accessible to us because we are part of the royal family.
-A good Parent always desires to know where the kids are, what they are doing, and what they need. God knows all this about you.
-One of the greatest breakthroughs in the Christian life comes when the child of God really recognizes that they are "a child of God."
-Remember what Jesus said in Matthew 7. If we are evil and want to give good things to our kids, how much more will Father do
-We have been given heaven's checkbook and it has been signed by Jesus in his own blood and Father has declared he will honor all checks issued in the name of His Son.

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