6 Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Life


6 Ways to Celebrate the Women in Your Life

By Mikki Lawrence

INTRODUCTION – In the beginning, God created male and female. That was His idea – man and woman. He did it miraculously and instantly. Of course it takes longer today, doesn’t it? Did you hear about the little girl who said to her friend: "I'm never having kids. I hear they take nine months to download."

It is true that it takes time to for a new human being to be born, but it takes much more time for that human being to learn how to properly treat other human beings.

This is especially true when it comes to the opposite sex. Today I want to share with you men how to celebrate the women in your life. Think for a moment of the women that God has placed in your life. Did not God Himself place Eve into Adam’s life? Yes, and He expected Adam to celebrate her as a gift from God. Who has He placed in your life, and how can you celebrate the women in your life?

I offer six suggestions that will help you make a positive difference in the lives of the women you in your life. That can include your mother, your wife, your sister, and your friends.

1. Recognize the wonderful design of God.

Gen. 2:18 has been used to make women feel inferior, as in just a “helper”, but in reality the term helper indicates one of value and purpose.

The Holy Spirit is referred to as being our Helper in John 14:16, 14:26, 15:26, 16:7. Just as we need the Holy Spirit to provide what we do not have without him, man needs woman to provide what he does not have without her. Being a helper is a positive, powerful idea, according to God. It is not second-rate. When God made woman, He said she was “very good”, the only time He used that terminology. Woman is the crowning glory of God’s creation.

God Himself is referred to as our Helper many times in Scripture: Gen. 49:25, Ps. 10:14, Ps.30:10, Ps. 54:4, etc.


~(Add more descriptions of who woman is if time allows)

*Ask yourself, “What do the women in my life provide for me that makes me more complete?”  “What deficits would be in your life without the women in your life?”

2. Respect the strength of woman.

Proverbs 31: 10 Who can find a virtuous woman? Her worth is far above the worth of rubies.

Hebrew word means “strength, able, might, power”

This Proverbs 31 woman is described as one who is clothed with strength and dignity (Prov. 31: 25).

In fact, she was made from bone. God could have made her from tissue, organs, etc., but in choosing bone, He chose strength.

* Ask yourself, “What are the strengths I see in the women in my life?”

*Purposely communicate these strengths to her and speak life over her. This blessing will bring honor to her.

3. Relate to the women in your life

Illus- Imagine God bringing Eve to Adam and Adam looks at her and grunts. He stares with a blank look on his face and says nothing. Just kinda grunts something under his breath. That is what a lot of women get each day from their husbands and sons. But what did the first Adam do when God brought Eve to him. He exclaimed, “Wow! Bone of my bones, flesh of my flesh!” That is “Here is somebody that is like me!” He was excited to have a woman in his life.

And that is what women want and need -She wants you to relate to her. Communicate, interact, share life with her because by her very nature, woman is relational. Adam called Eve the “mother of all living.” She was at the hub of God’s design. Adam, without Eve, was an island to himself, but with Eve, he was drawn into relationship. Women are hard wired for relationships. Woman have four times as many brain cells connecting the right and left side of their brain than men do. They can:


·        Communicate more effectively Two sections of brain responsible for language found larger in women than men- men typically only process language in their dominant hemisphere, whereas women process language in both hemispheres)

·        Talk through issues

·        Utilize non-verbal cues such as tone, emotion, and empathy ( men tend to be more task-oriented, less talkative, and more isolated)

·        Intuit emotions and emotional cues

·        React to stress by tending and befriending (men tend to fight or flight)

·        Are more in touch with their feelings and better able to express them (Women typically have a larger deep limbic system than men which allows them to be more in touch with their feelings and better able to express them –downside is more open to depression.)


Proverbs 31 describes a woman who is strong in relationships – her husband, her children, the poor, etc.

*Recognize that a woman’s strength is in relationship, not role. She may be your wife, but she is more than a wife. She may be your mother, yet she is more than a mother.

*How can you purposefully be more relational with the women in your life?

4. Repent for any wrong mindsets you have had about women and any wrong actions or attitudes you have had toward the women in your life.

 -Repent to God for a heart that has wrongly responded to the women in your life.

-Repent to her by verbalizing that you recognize you have failed.

-Ask her forgiveness.

5. Restore the women in your life by daily modeling love and respect.

-This is the evidence of repentance modeled daily in your life as you seek to restore what has been damaged; you do life differently.

-This is purposefully choosing to demonstrate honor and respect at all times to the women in your life.

6. Release the women in your life to become all God has destined for them to be.

Man’s voice is powerful in its effect on the women in his life. It can either give life, or John Eldredge says our job in families is to recognize the glory each member of the family carries, affirm that glory, and release them to be all they can be, however we often do just the opposite.


*Are you recognizing the glory of the women in your life, affirming that glory, and releasing them to fulfill their destiny?

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    This is an excellent sermona and it seemed to be talking to me.  God Bless you and please continue inspiring us. 
    Rev Fr.. Maieane M. Khaketla
    Cathedral of St. James and st. mary

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