3 Steps to Accomplish Your Destiny


 Here’s a brief idea for a sermon. Would make a great guickie when you need to share an inspirational thought to a small group. Or develop it into a full grown bombshell.

1. Imagine it! — God saw the world before He created it.
Rely on the creativity of God that has been placed inside of you. This is the ability to see things before they can be seen and must be a component of any vision.

2. Believe it! — Your heart must go with your head. to believe to see the impossible is to partner with God who can do all things. Jesus said nothing is impossible to those who believe.

3. Do it! — This is what seperates dreamers from doers. I am not talking about running off half-cocked. I am saying move into what God has placed before you. There comes a time to break up camp and cross the Jordan.


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  1. Apolinario L. Banez Jr. says:

    Hi, I,m a Pastor of a small church here in the Philippines. My resources cannot afford to buy some materials for my studies. I have to be resourceful to meet this needs. I have been searching for some free materials that I’ll be using in my sermons. I’m very grateful to have found your website. It help me a lot and your sermon outlines are well organized, easy to understand and easy to rearrange that satisfies my preaching presentation in the level of people that I’m with. I could not support you financially but rest assured that you will be included in my prayers. God bless your Ministry and may it continue to be a support to many to be more closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.
    God bless us all!!!

  2. Eddie says:

    Thank you so much Apolinario for your prayers. Bless you dear brother!

  3. maurice says:

    hi! just want to let you know how grateful i am that i accidentally found your site. (i know it’s not really an accident with my God). nobody shared with me about your site but the Lord led me (and really blessed me with it) to this really wonderful resource for the pastors! thank you so much! while others are making money out of “God’s revelations” on them, i’m really thankful that there are still a few like you who share them for free! (didn’t they got it for free also?) may God bless you and anoint you more and more!

  4. Daniel says:

    I have really known who I am in Christ and what I need to do to fulfill my Destiny  and help others too. God bless you Mightily Pastor.

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