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I wanted to let you know that a few times per week I post original sermon nuggets on my Facebook page. I have included two of them below for you to take and convert into sermons if you like.

Also, if you have a Facebook acct, please send me a friend request. We can be Facebook friends and then you can see all my sermon nuggets. My Facebook page is found at the link below. You can just click and request to be friends. 

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Facebook Nugget One: Jacob said after he awoke from his dream, "Surely God was in this place and I did not know it." What a challenging thought. How often do we miss God right where we are thinking He is to be found in what we do next? We are always on "our" way to something bigger and better. This is theologically true. But God gets no bigger and He is with each of us right now.

Facebook Nugget Two: Ever wondered why God lets you feel your way through situations, when it would be so easy for Him to "Write something on the wall for you to read"? Maybe some of the answer is that a deeper intimacy develops when we choose to trust,watch, wait, and learn to discern His ways, not just respond to His gifts. Do you sense  God more in the stillness or in the spectacular?

Like I said, I share several of these each week and you can get them on Facebook. If you don't have a page, its easy to sign up.

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