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This site is a ministry, so please receive and enjoy and give it away. It is my joy to be able to work on this site and provide free resources to people who study and teach the Bible. Please use these materials for your own personal use in your ministry but do not post them on another site or sell them in any form. Every pastor and Bible teacher needs sermons and sermon outlines and good Bible study materials for their own soul and to spark their own creativity to help the people to whom they minister.

Sermons and Sermon Outlines | Used Around the World

I started Sermon Seedbed and loaded the first sermons and sermon outlines on the site in November of 2008. Amazingly the site took off and what a joy it has been to receive emails from around the world of pastors and Bible teachers who are using the sermons and sermon outlines on this site. To date there have been visitors from 180+ nations and thousands of subscribers to the freebie sermons and sermon outlines we offer through email. Our goal is to help pastors and Bible teachers to be better prepared and resourced for the ministries God has given them. Not everyone has the opportunities we have here in the USA, so sites such as this become a place to receive materials and resources that help aid spiritual growth. I often receive emails from struggling pastors who need prayer, encouragement, or resources. 

From my study here in Alabama, I have marveled at the opportunity to touch the world. Those of you who are partner with Sermon Seedbed through your prayers, referrals, supporting our sponsors and purchasing our resources, also help in all of this. What a day to be alive! Who would have thought that those sermons and sermon outlines I have built through the years could be used around the world.

Sermons and Sermon Outlines | Seeds for Your Own Sermon Garden

Every person that teaches God's Word has their own style and way of study and delivering their sermon or Bible lesson. Please know that it is not my intention to replace anyone's personal study or to pull anyone away from their own personal style. I remember hearing Pastor Adrian Rogers shared years ago with a bunch of preachers, "If my bullet will fit in your gun, then fire away." The sermons and sermon outlines on this site or given for a variety of reasons and they come from a variety of people. I always give credit, when possible, for the Bible sermons that were put together by someone else.

Reading another person's sermons and sermon outlines can stimulate your own creativity birthing new ideas for you to pursue. The Holy Spirit will bear witness to what He has given someone else and add His direction to you of how to apply it in your situation. And each person's ministry situation varies, even secular society realizes that sermons and sermon outlines have varying purposes in varying contexts. So use the Bible materials on this site as seeds to grow your own garden to feed your own people. Eat it and let it strengthen you so you can strengthen them. Just having a good outline can often help so much. You can then put meat on the bones and have your own full sermon.

You will also find some videos on the site to encourage you and give you idea for sermons and bible devotionals. Here is an example of a bible devotional video that I produced to encourage people who feel forsaken:

Sermons and Sermon Outlines | Share the Good News

Preaching and teaching the Bible is about sharing the Gospel which means "Good News." We are messengers of the awesome news that God loves us, wants us, and will take care of us. So at the heart of all of these sermons and sermon outlines is the desire to be about sharing the redemptive message of what God has done for us through Jesus Christ. In seminary we studied various preachers and one thing noted of the great preachers is that somewhere in their messages they would always make a "bee line" to the cross. Amen to that!  

Sermons and Sermon Outlines | Pastor's Resources and Bible Study Aids

You will find on the site various sermons and sermon outlines related resources. These are put together for pastors and Bible teachers to be able to use in their own ministry as an aid to their ministry. This is also the purpose of our weekly subscription service called the Monday Morning Preacher's Package. There is a charge for these types of resources which helps support the work of this site. However, this is all aside from the hundreds of free resources available on the site. In no way, do I want someone to feel pressured to buy anything. 

Many pastors and Bible teachers from many countries enjoy having the opportunity to purchase the additional materials and we greatly appreciate their support which in turn allows us to keep putting more and more sermons and sermon outlines out there free of charge.

Following is an example of a resource we are currently offering that provides good solid biblical information through an alphabetical index. It is a great collection of sermon illustrations from the bible and contains some great sermon outlines as well.

This is a sample that came out of the eBook in the above ad.

Backsliding Steps in
. Matt. 26.
1. Boastfulness (v. 33-35).
2. Unwatchfulness (v. 40).
3. Prayerlessness (v. 41. 45).
4. Fleshly service (v. 51; Jn. 18:10).
5. Following afar off (v. 58).
6. Fellowship with enemies (v. 69; Lk. 22-54).
7. Open denial (v. 70-75).

The above came out of a book that I have reformatted and slightly revised by the late Rev. Keith Brooks. I am now offering it to you. More samples like you see above and more information about this great sermon illustration resource can be found at the following link:


Come back often to check for new sermons and sermon outlines.

Eddie Lawrence, D.Min


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